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Digital Signage | Mobile Device Management | Analytics

Digital solutions are not to be missed in our daily lives anymore. Our existing systems for Digital Signage and remote Mobile Device Management connect online & offline and therefore granting a fast project implementation.

Connect your POS with ease and grow your business with our Digital Signage solution.

syncd media4display digital signage cycle

Remote controlled Digital Signage & Device Management

Centrally control your Digital Signage screens & kiosks and visualize your locations including the performance per location. Like this, you will always be able to review whether your content is broadcasted or what your hardware performs like.

Time controlled digital POS content

Our digital signage software enables you to schedule your content and campaigns by giving them a dedicated play time.

User Level Management

Assign different user rights to control the quality of your database or collaborate with agencies. Our digital signage software has it already inbuild.

Anonymous Facial Detection

Target your audience with the appropriate content. Combining Digital Signage with Analytics is not just fun for your audience but will also underline your competence, boost cross-sales and enable interaction

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